Here you'll find a series of writing samples for various work by Andrew Ivimey. If you haven't already please download the resume below. If there are any questions or issues just reach out via email or through the website. 

The following is the Teaser (first 9 pages) from the original TV pilot CONTROL C  co-created and written by Andrew Ivimey. An hour long procedural Sci-Fi Drama that takes place in a reimagined present. It asks the question "What if Star Trek-level replicator technology was invented in the 90's, and humanity wasn't ready for it". Full script is available upon request.

*Official Selection; Cinequest Screenwriting Competition 2022, Finish Line Competition 2021, Fresh Voices Competition 2022

The following is a writing sample for a fictional video game, FTL RACING, written by Andrew Ivimey. The setting is a racing game with spaceships. Different styles of ships race through dangerous galaxies and asteroid belts, avoiding obstacles while fighting each other. Racers have different gangs and guilds they have aligned themselves with. A playfully aggressive tone that's Borderlands meets Burnout. These barks are for two announcers who are broadcasting the race.

The following is a barks writing sample for a fictional video game, ALIEN OCCUPATION, a shooter that takes place in the near future where aliens have invaded and occupied most of the Earth. Despite the dire circumstances, groups of human resistance hold out and organize a resistance to fight back. Last Of Us's depiction of humanity vs Gears of Wars depiction of unknown enemies. Aliens are 7ft tall spider like creatures, who can crawl on all legs but most often walk upright on two (think General Grievous or Goro) and have a spider face with multiple eyes. Despite the insectoid appearance the aliens have ships, weapons, armor, communication, and vastly outmatch the humans. The human resistance is composed of whoever is left and willing to fight; ex-military, survivalists, desperate fools seeking revenge, and the generally lucky.

The follow is a sample script for a quest. It takes place in an RPG fantasy game where factions of humans, werewolves, and vampires all fight for control in the early years of war. The PLAYER character is on the human side but is a tri-breed, one with the ability to switch between human, werewolf, and vampire form on command. This is a Main Quest cutscene and subsequent barks relating to the quest.

Andrew Ivimey is writer and co-creator of the webcomic Texts From Superheroes. Created in 2012 and released 3 times a week it's a comedic exploration of what superheroes would be text messaging each other. It receives millions of monthly views and has over half a million followers on social media. These samples, and the years of writing this comic, provided valuable experience with comedic writing in the voice and tone of pre-existing characters.

*Featured on IGN, Time Magazine, and Cracked.com


Andrew Ivimey is the co-creator and writer of the Youtube sketch comedy series Sketch From Superheroes. Which is a sketch comedy series exploring the lighter side and idiosyncrasies of comic book superheroes. It has collected millions of views on it's channel and been shared by Netflix and Marvel. Below you can download the shooting script for one of these sketches.

You can also view the completed sketch below. Produced, Directed, and Edited by Andrew Ivimey.